Family Law

Attorney Davis will guide you through divorce, child support or child custody issues.

Immigration Law

Do everything you can to get your visa application approved with attorney Davis's help.

Estate Planning

Attorney Davis can help you create clear and comprehensive wills and trusts.


Want to divorce your spouse without going to court? Consult attorney Davis about mediation.

Stop Stressing Over Your Legal Matter

Hire a family law attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA

Legal matters can involve time-consuming, emotionally draining situations. When you hire Kathryn Davis, Attorney at Law, you won't have to face your legal issues alone.

Kathryn Davis is a family law attorney serving the Cedar Rapids, IA area. She also practices immigration and estate planning law. Attorney Davis has experience using the law to advance her clients' best interests. She'll examine the circumstances of your case and choose the best course of action. And she'll keep you fully informed along the way.

As a divorce attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA, Kathryn Davis will fight aggressively for the outcome you desire. She's also a skilled divorce mediator. Get in touch with her right away to find out how she can help.

3 reasons to hire a family law attorney

Putting an intelligent and passionate divorce attorney on your side is always a smart idea. Here are three good reasons why that attorney should be Kathryn Davis:

She knows the law-Attorney Davis is well-versed in the law and can use it to your advantage.

She'll keep costs low-Attorney Davis can mediate your divorce to avoid court fees.

She'll help you avoid problems-Attorney Davis will anticipate issues and steer you around them.

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